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hey guys it’s Friday and there’s not really much of anything for me to talk about so I’ll just share with you something that happened yesterday so Wednesday night we ran out of cat food we had a bag sitting there and I thought there was still a lot left in it but unfortunately there wasn’t it was completely empty somehow.

so we end up running out of cat food entirely but thankfully don’t worry we did have a can of wet food that we had sitting there for a little while because we got that awhile ago because of I think we were trying to get him off of a certain kind of food because it wasn’t really eating it anymore so we got wet food at the time and he wouldn’t eat it.

he would not touch it at all so for Wednesday night I put out a little bit into his bowl and within 10minutes 15 minutes he chowed down on it and it was completely gone so then in the morning obviously he was hungry hungry and he’s yelling at me for more like actually yelling at me my cat yells at me a lot so I gave him a little bit more again because I don’t want to give him the entire rest of the thing right in the morning because later on we were going to go get food but I didn’t want him to be starving throughout the day right.

Obviously so I gave him a little bits of the food at you know a couple hour intervals kind of thing so that he would have it there for the day and not starve and after every time I gave him some he would be obviously yelling at me for it beforehand as I go to put it out and then he would chow down on it within 10-15 minutes and be completely gone and he’d be yelling at me for mor.

I’m like no you can’t have anymore because you won’t have any for the rest of the darn day then so it was kind of cute with him yelling at me and stuff but also got really annoying because I he would come upstairs or to wherever wherever I am and he would be constantly yelling at me about it and I have to like make him leave make him lay down get mad at him for him to stop I was just really surprised that he actually liked it this time because last time he wouldn’t touch it so anyway later on we went out to me obviously so anyway later on we went on we got some more food for him on our way home and when we got home he was totally fine he wasn’t yelling at me or anything anymore put the food in well actually no sorry I went to open the bag.

so I use a knife to open the bag and we have a container that we usually put the food in so that you know because the bags aren’t resealable which is kind of ridiculous but anyway so I go I open the bag right I have it sitting in a particular spot I open the bag with a knife I open the container to put the food in – and I set the knife down as I set the knife down the bag of food just falls it topples right over and a bunch of food just falls all over the place so yay most of it thankfully piled up into like one little area so we didn’t really lose much and then but anyway when when I went to pick up the food bag it ripped in half making pretty much all of the rest of it fall out all over the darn place so we lost a little bit because what I was able to scoop up most of what fell because of where it was it wasn’t on the floor right so I was able to scoop up most of it put in the container and then the rest of it.

I put into the other food bag that I thought was full but that I thought had some more in it but didn’t so yeah as I was I was I was so pissed I was so pissed off when that fell and even more so when it ripped open and went everywhere I was I was so so mad but yeah that was that was a fun time not really.

I probably scared the poor cat food a few times – poor Joey but everything is fine we got most of the food and there you know he’s got some food now he’s got his water and yeah that’s that’s it but not the way I thought I just show that with you guys because there’s nothing really to talk about for today so yeah I hope you enjoyed that little bit of a story and I will see you again tomorrow have a wonderful Saturday and God bless.

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