Dine With Nine

hi paw welcome back to 9 studio where we continue our cat nutrition mission searching for foods that are good for your cat and would not break the cat Bank today we are reviewing chicken turkey and salmon dinner and gravy by our favorite We ruva why do we love Weruvas so much? well first of all oMG oh my gravy what cat does not love gravy right jr.

and for the love of cat the hydration this food is excellent on hydration levels which really after we’ve been giving it for our cats for three weeks is improved their coats and all we get is just compliments and it’s really silky and shiny

I absolutely love the ingredients in this food it’s a good source of vitamin K which is very important for old cats like our junior but the price is just right too in the description you can seethe link where you can purchase it at this price we also decided to revive our kitty diner a little bit and the reason for that is because I understand that the cats do not care about the design or colors but I do and is so nice to have I seen it kitty diner

which actually very functional and looks pretty Papa cat is home that really helps because otherwise I just wouldn’t have enough r hands of course 9 had to steal some alright so we’re going to serve that food to the kitties now the first thing we’re doing is to get 9 to sit where he is supposed to sit we do try to teach our kitties good table manners everyone has an assigned seat and have to sit down to be served there we go now let’s get the party started oh my goodness oh my gravy look at those boys you see I was so confident in this food that’s why I do not come up with a plan B today yes of course it will adore me for food hopefully they’ll just adore me so the end result excellent food a 30 hi paws in the air we have obviously enjoying it of course nine has to try it out of everybody’s dishes overall Catoo ges recommend this food high paw please save a stray today If you like it, please, subscribe.

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