Feed And Go Pet Automatic Feeder Review: Wet and Dry Food

does your pet have bad behavioural problems do you have to give medication to your pet you can’t make it home in the evening on time to feed your pet if you’re having any of these problems then perhaps you need to take a look at what you’re doing and what might help well today we’re going to look at a product that’s going to change you and your pets life we predominately do pet and home product reviews as well as some lifestyle content so if you’re interested in those things make sure you hit the subscribe button all right let’s get into it all right so let’s talk about the feeding go automatic pet feeder so when I first got Ollie almost two years ago I had actually purchased this prior to getting my lovely cat named ollie and as and the reason why I had purchased it was because prior to having ollie.

I had the love and the joy of my life Ava which was my little my little baby beagle and Abel live with me for many awesome years and unfortunately as she got older she she had a lot of health problems and I believe a lot of those health problems were as a result of her obesity so I didn’t want to make the same mistake with Ollie that I had thought I had made with Ava so in order to keep Ollie healthy I wanted to find a product that I would be able to measure out food and that way I can make sure that Allie stays on a good healthy diet.

so I came across this this is the feeding go automatic pet feeder and as you may know from my other channel I absolutely adore and love tech products so this would definitely be up there as one of my favorite tech products although it is for your your pets this is an absolutely fantastic machine first of all let me just start off it does have locking a locking mechanism on it this will help you if you say you want to put multiple meals in here for the day you can just lock it right in there if it had been a been with another product she would have been able to just tip it over and get the food for that for the day.

But because it does have a locking mechanism on it it’s absolutely fantastic so when you when you open this up first thing you’re going to find is a tray now this only comes with one tray I would prefer if it actually came with two trays it is machine washable so you can just stick it right in there especially if you’re using wet food which is another reason why I really enjoy this because you can put wet and dry food in it there’s really no reason to to not have something like this so I know a lot of cat owners use wet and dry foods and dog owners as well but this is absolutely fantastic so you get six different slots in it so you don’t have to use all six all day I do feed Ollie four times a day.

so I’m able to measure out his food and put them in there too to assist with that and I have it on a schedule it is Wi-Fi capable so you just go on your iOS app and you’re sticking whatever time you want them to be fed and and it will do the rest for you what’s great about this type of thing is say you have a pet that needs medication on a you know every few hours you can just stick it in a little pill popper stick it in there or maybe put some cheese or whatever it is that you use to get your pets to take their pills and you can just stick that in there as a treat or again if you just want to use it as a treat then you can you can certainly use that as well now I do love that you can set it up any time that you like but what makes us really fantastic and again.

I had purchased this prior to getting Ollie knowing I was going to get Ollie but what makes this great is and I’m not sure if you could see it I’ll try to get a little closer there is a little camera in here and how cool is that so if I’m at work or I’m not able to get home when I want to I can actually watch the camera to make sure he’s eatin gas.

He should be there’s just something nice about knowing that your your cat’s well-fed or your dog’s well-fed and that’s what makes this really fantastic and it’s just it’s really fun to use what you can do is you can actually set up a voice recording with your own voice to call your pet your cat or your dog to come to to be fed

He’ll hear your voice it’ll sound something like this and it’s just great knowing that that they’re eating so it’s a really fantastic product when I initially purchased it I was a little bit higher in price I did actually look today to see what it was going for and it’s around 187 on Amazon and I’ll have a link below in the show notes but this would this is absolutely fantastic so every morning I get up I pop this baby open and we’re just going to fill it fill it up with Ali’s food now I I do measure all these cat food again. Best self cleaning cat litterĀ  box reviews.

I want to make sure that he’s healthy that he’s not getting obese or anything like that so do you measure it out and I only use the I only feed him four times a day so we just put that in there and pop it in there and he’s good to go so I do like to at least give him his first meal to kind of say hey I’m your mom and I’m the one that’s feeding you but in reality the feeding go feeder is feeding you it does have an app that goes along with this the app is fantastic because one you can set up all your scheduled feeding times or Treat times or medication times but what makes this great is it actually does have a feature where you can just click it and actually watch them eating and it’s really a wonderful wonderful thing to be able to see your your loved one eating out of their cat food bowl.

especially if they’ve got some health issues or maybe they’re a kitten or puppy and you just want to you know you want to make sure that they’re doing okay on their own and just knowing that it has a little camera so you can check in with them every once in a while is great along with the camera you can actually set it up so that you will receive text messages or emails just a few minutes prior to feeding time that way you can you can turn on your app you can take a look and watch actually watch the eating I really like this big I think it’s fantastic and I do think it’s worth it the only drawback that I would say with this and again I’ve had zero problems with this it’s like work from the get-go the only two problems I would say with this

Again I absolutely love this I totally give this a thumbs up the only two problems are although it does have a camera the camera quality isn’t that good but then again I’m a techie so you know of course I want to have the best camera and everything possible but the camera’s not so good and then this decides yeah you can see this is quite large when I first opened it up when I first received it I was like oh my god what did I get it’s a monster and immediately my head was like I’m gonna I’m going to send it right back I’m so happy and thankful that I didn’t because this is like truly truly a lifesaver so this definitely get the super thumbs up for me I absolutely adore this.

so I hope you enjoy this video about the automatic pet feeder buy feed and go if you have any questions make sure you let me know in the comments below and if you’re interested in seeing more content like this like pet product home products or some lifestyle content make sure you hit that subscribe button hope to hear from you soon oh you want to make a you tube video today no maybe oh oh Ollie wants to play.

He doesn’t want to make youtube videos.

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