Introducing Cats

Introducing the Cats

There is discussion about how to make 2 female cats get along. Greetings to old and new friends. This is your feline dad Jackson Galaxy. And this month we will talk about. HARMONY So, today we are talking about an in-person familiarity between two co-creatures. Everyone knows that cats are creatures extremely scrupulous in the division of territory. You can often hear that: “Yes, put them all in one room, they will figure out quickly there. ” It’s a delusion.Co to counterparts can figure out who to lose an eye, and who – claw. But they will not be able to find a miraculous way to become friends. The first thing we have to do is take some preparatory steps. Preparation: The basic rule is that anyone is freely available. It is about feeding at a certain time N times a day. Meal at the appointed hour creates an atmosphere of co-participation and a joint ritual for a resident and a recruit. Step Two – Establish BASE CAMP This is a given to a new recruit for exclusive use of the territory in your home.

In many ways, the house is familiar smells. I use the concept of “odor trap” For example, this fluffy thing, around me. The bedding, padding, tray perfectly cope with the task. Base camp should be equipped with all these things. Any visual contact between the two vis-à-viss should be excluded. Absolutely no contact. This stage can last less than a week, and maybe more. “Swap places” – which recruit gets them an opportunity to get acquainted with all the surrounding space, and these resident goes to the base camp. For cats, smell is called a remedy. Communication. That is how they can understand what their counterpart is. Cheer them up but always be prepared for possible problems They themselves will let you know about their readiness to leave the base camp. If this happens after three hours, then start swapping them if a recruit needs a few days to get comfortable, give him that time.

Next, we turn to the ritual of feeding “on either side of the door. ” This is a very important point. I already talked about it in one of my videos. Somewhere here on the screen now there will be a link to the video for seriously minded enthusiasts. The next step is VISUAL CONTACT. The best way to continue dating at this stage is to use a barrier that provides visibility, such as a mesh door. Other options are possible. For example, fencing for the safety of children. Or special fences for pets. And you should go back and do the already known feeding trick. Personally, I prefer the good old blanket. Each time, gradually raise the curtain higher in the same way as you shortened the distance between the bowls. Now you are moving in two directions at the same time. And we are ready for the final step in the acquaintance of cat-pets.

I call it “EAT, PLAY, LOVE. ” You get one of the cats in the room, having started the game, or zamanuha as a treat In the course goes everything that turns your pet. The biggest mistake would be not to engage them in some kind of entertainment, because this entertainment will inevitably become one of the pets, and the gaze will rapidly grow into a frantic scuffle. This is the end, everyone is free. It does not matter if for the first time “eat, play, love” will last only 5 minutes But the session must be completed on an optimistic note. And in this very book There is a big chapter devoted to this very issue.

I collected in my book almost everything I know Do not you think that if this is practically all that I know, then the book could be thicker? Your copy is waiting for you, the link is below. See you soon and see you soon! Light, love and irresistible I’m not bad, I just misunderstood.

TWO CATS AND A COMMON ENEMY Normally, they don’t get along very well, but today it’s a little different. Today they declared a temporary ceasefire because a common enemy emerged. Now the enemy is extending the olive branch by offering them food. Although the robot no longer has enemies, it doesn’t hurt to stand up for a while.

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