Knowing about Cats

Knowing More About Cats

Everybody wants to know what cats are doing in our life. I love cats, adorable and peluditos, but many times they are difficult to understand, they are such mysterious animals. That’s why we’re going to know a little more about these cute kittens! Pussies are famous as well as for their bad temper, for spending the day asleep twisted in the most unsuspected places! On average, spend 2/3 (two thirds) of the day sleeping. And their personal grooming takes up 1/3 of the time they spend awake. These adorable micifuzzes hunt even if they are not hungry, something very rare in the animal world. Your ear is so thin that you can locate the exact position of a dam in just one sixth of a second. When they hunt, their eyes are focused on the prey losing sight of the other objects around him.

The eyes of cats are specialists in locating prey from a distance and usually have problems to see clearly the closest objects. For this, the cats have learned to use their whiskers to capture tactile stimuli that provide them a very detailed image of what they have in front. Everyone knows that cats have seven lives, this comes from a cat can jump up to seven times above its height and have a great capacity for reaction, which is what allows them to turn around in the air and always fall on the four legs. Having a cat in your life is super healthy, the owners of cats live longer !! The care to our cats makes us alleviate the stress caused by everyday life, which is the cause of many diseases.

I love when my cat rubs against my legs, but do not think you’re giving away love, you’re impregnating with pheromones the places to Mark your territory If we are clear that the cat is the owner and not the reverse, everything will be fine !! If you cat licks you, take it as a compliment: it’s grooming you as one of “yours” And if you lie on your back when you see you, it means you have confidence. But you also do not have to deal with affection, because the pussycat is more attracted by people who pay less attention, they feel less threatened when there is no eye contact. Maybe you did not know, but cats have five fingers on each of its front legs, and only four on the hind legs. And although there legends of cats that love water, they do not like to immerse themselves, because their skin does not insulates well when wet.

The brain of cats is biologically more similar to ours than to dogs. The texture of the cats’ noses is unique in each individual, just like fingerprints in humans. In addition, cats are able to reproduce up to 100 different sounds. These are just some curiosities of these fascinating animals, there are many more! Are you more of cats or dogs? If you want us to make a video of Dogs leaving them in the comments !! Why are cats afraid of cucumbers? One of the great questions of the humanity. It is a fact that cats are the kings of the Internet and thanks to the network of networks the felines of the world seem to have found a new and apparently harmless enemy, the cucumber.

We are convinced that you have seen hundreds of videos compilations of pet owners surprising your cats with the fruit, because the cucumber is technically a fruit, not a vegetable,. First of all, tell them not to try it at home, it’s not good for your pets. Since the first video came to light the biologist’s theory circulates a lot on the web Jerry Coyne, who defended in his blog that cats have a genetic predisposition to be afraid of snakes, a predisposition instilled by their ancestors through natural selection Actually it is not at all clear that it is an instinctive phobia to the snakes that activate the scare. Most specialists in animal behavior believe that it is fear of the unknown in general.

At first, cats do not fear cucumbers intrinsically. Cats are creatures of habit, most likely the cats of all the videos of internet that we find so curious, have been ambushed from behind while They were quietly eating while looking at their bowl. They were simply taken by surprise while doing a daily activity. The eyes of cats, like ours, look forward. As predators that are, it is common that they are looking forward, and not be too worried to see what what’s behind them Surely most of the owners of the videos cats surprised his pussycats when they were already distracted doing something else. When placing a strange object behind the cat while he eats, the cat does not see it, and then when he turns around, a cucumber appears and he gets scared.

Imagine that you are you instead of the cat, what would you do? The fear that cats feel can be compared to the way we sometimes jump or We shouted after turning around and seeing someone behind us who was not there before. But even though we usually laugh at these moments once the adrenaline is Exhaustion, fright is real, it is not good to subject your cat to the same disturbing experience, especially when he is eating. As pet owners we must want our animals to feel safe when they feed. If cats do not eat, they can get sick very quickly. In addition, scare stress can have very serious health effects, cats They are very sensitive animals. Let’s see, that does not mean we can not buy you a new toy, or change the bowl of the food, or move the sofa from site. But when we do, we must let our machines review new things at your own pace.

Many times we try to show a cat that something he is afraid of is not scary. But surely what we are doing is to scare them more because we are forcing them to interact with something of what they fear. Although it’s not quite right, maybe You could not resist making the cucumber test. If your cat got scared the first time but the second one no longer, is that as time passes, the object in question will begin to smell familiar, and your cat will already relax before him. Keep your cucumbers away from your cats, we recommend using them for salad or to make yourself a mask, which moisturize a lot! Why cats hate water? Reading your comments we find this question that was repeated a lot, and also is one of our favorite animals, as well that in today’s draw we are going to answer it.

We would like you in the comments of the video you leave us questions with existential doubts that you would like us to try to solve in next DrawXpress. Now, yes, we started with the video. There is no animal with more porte than a cat, but it is also true that there is nothing less elegant that a wet cat does not feel good water. Although there are some cats who like water, the vast majority seem to hate it. Today we are going to talk to you about why the pussycat does not like to get wet. Scientists believe that cats’ water aversion is most likely to come from of their ancestors and their original habitat. Cats have always lived in deserts, so who had little experience with water, never had to face it or learn swimming.

There are studies that show that the closest relatives of domestic cats are the wild cats of Africa and Europe and the cat of the Chinese Desert. Since humans we started to domesticate cats, we have protected them from the bad weather without having any need to adapt to water. Although domestic cats are able to swim, most of them do not like it, because being in constant motion is annoying and seems exhausting. In addition, because of their type of coat, they find it difficult to dry.

Still, there are females for the world that they are perfect swimmers, like the Turkish Van or the fisherman. The owners of cats can also get used to the water by bathing them from little ones. Although it is not recommended, because it can dry the skin of the cat and eliminate Essential pheromones to communicate with other felines. In addition, our cats they can keep themselves clean by themselves thanks to their saliva and their rough tongue. If you have an adult cat and you have never bathed it, NEVER DOES IT COME TO TRY, become in authentic gremlins.

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