Talking about Art Thoughts and Process for Cats

It is not the only question that why cats meow alot. So I’ve got two more cats this week. I really liked the way these turned out. At this point in my little cat sketching journey I think I went ahead and settled on just keeping on painting cats, actually to the point where I’m growing a little collection and I think I’m going to try to make some kind of poster. The styles are still pretty different soI don’t know how cohesive that would be with what I’ve got right now but I think if I make several more I can come up with something really nice. I forgot that I used neon for the under painting on this one. No wonder he seems so luminous. I think maybe the green was a little too much on his nose for the final product, but I really don’t notice it unless I’m thinking about it. Like I don’t think someone else would notice it unless I pointed it out.

I think by this point I had figured out that I really needed to focus on the eyes in order to make everything look okay. Actually I think, and I probably need to test this, but I think you could use almost any color for the under painting (not under I think I could just make a cat head form with a bunch of different colors but all in the same oh gosh the same gray? grayness? but once you put all that down I think you could just hit it with lights and shadows and it wouldn’t matter what color was in there. It would still look good probably. That would be a fun project do, some different calico cats that way. Neon rain bow calico cats or something. He had funny little ears and so I wash a ving trouble getting them to look right because of the way that I was seeing the color.

It just seemed like these weird funny white lines on his head, with no ears that you could really see, but as always it’s just a little battle with light and shadow to make it pop at the end. And yeah the eyes. I figure with most of these cats they can be pretty loose and pretty gestural as long as the eyes are really well done. Even the most alien of my kitties has been said to be pretty by other people because the eyes look good. So that’s another interesting thing that I think I could experiment with is like, how far out could I go with strange cat shape but still have it be awesome because of the eyes? On this next one I tried to go all out with the colors and then I ended it with reigning it all back in, and the result reminds mea little bit of rocket raccoon.

I really like the bright kind of neon colors that are kind of mixed in with these two I really want to add more rainbows like that, like hints of rainbow color into my work. So yeah right now it looks like he’s going to be like a flashing neon sign or something but– Ah! Did I.? I think I forgot to record half of this. I’m so sorry. I painted gray on top of all that neon. I had trouble with the nose. Because of the way that I light gesture sketch these in pen before I start painting, a lot of times the proportions are pretty far off, so I really have to get creative with my painting to fix it. You can see right now that his nose is looking kind a twisted at the end, and one of his lips was hanging down lower than the other.

There was a third cat that I didn’t even bother to add because the bottom half of his face was so deformed that I just finished the eyes and quit. But actually the most surprising thing about this one was that it apparently only took me 20minutes. I thought that was a big surprise because the other one took 45. That little guy with the floppy ears, he took 45 minutes. And this one only took 20. And to me the quality doesn’t look at all that different.

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