Tokyo Cat Cafe Experience

This time we ‘r e in Kichijoji in Tokyo at cat cafe Temari no Ouchi, the house of te mari As you can see its all about the cats here and this episode is a look at what you can expect at a cat cafe here in tokyo We’re inside this amazing little house I cannot believe we’re actually here, in a cat cafe Well, that was really good I met you by accident, because that’s the luckiest thing in your life! yeah I can’t believe I bumped into you right there on the street Having a cafe with cats around, that’s amazing right and this is Jennifer Julian for those who don’t know if he’s my best friend here in Japan and you’ve been here just as long as I have Yes I do, 18years! yeah alright.

What is your whole attractions with cats? I think cats are amazing because of the way they move, and I think they have this kind of taste I think cats, they choose you, we don’t choose them.That’s what makes me a dog person because they are so simple and easy to get to know.

Instantly your best friend You know also in many places it’s forbidden to have pets at homes.well that’s right more specifically landlords are very strict of having pets especially of having cats in the house and to be honest with you.

Japanese apartments are quite small it would be really hard to have one pet not alone 2 or 3, or 20 like they do here Look at this place, it’s amazing This is really cool. It’s like a set out of a movie, may be a Ghibli movie.

I kind of have a feeling you have it right now What’s that for? Come and play with the cats! as i recover from cat hypnosis let’s talk to the manager about the cat cafe concept at TEMARI no OUCHI. There’s a book of cats here, let’s meet 3 of them this is TEMARI a Scottish Fold and the original the cafe is named after TEMARI.

It’s her house after all she is also the leader of the group sobe on the lookout she’ll be making her rounds to say hello next up we have the adorable MOPPU a munchkin cat he’s two years old and has the cutest eyes.

Those little legs move really fast he’s on the move again MOPPU is energetic and you’ll find him all over the cafe, greeting new customers Then there is KINOKO An exotic Short hair Look at that kisser She’s beautiful in our own way which makes her the most popular cat around.

It may not look it but she loves to cuddle up when she’s not hiding out Kinoko is always hanging out around the neighborhood try to find her there are four main rules to Temari noo no hugging the cats! They’re not dogs note that children under 10 are generally not allowed entry No flash photography.

Cats hate bright lights don’t feed cats human food no outside food or drinks TEMARI NO OUCHIi has an admission fee 1200 yen on the weekdays and 1600 yen on weekends after 7 p.


it’s only 700 yen There’s no time limit and no push to order a lot of food Got it? Now let’s play with the cats and.

Where are they? not here here’s one but she’s sleeping Ah-hah! Jennifer found one on the window sill but like she says, you don’t choose them.

they choose you there are toys you can use to play with the cats like this thing perhaps this lobster one I’m not really used to playing with cats what’s this thing again? It’s KINOKO she’s hanging out inside alog She looks like she wants to play.

It’s achance to put these cat toys into action She doesn’t seem to like the yellow feather toy I wonder why Cats seem to just come and go they’re here one second and gone the next sometimes you can find to purr with if not just talk with your friends cats love to be high and mighty look down on us They want to be worshiped bowed down to the almighty cat here’s milk, the cat She looks hungry.

Look at how she attacks the treat but wait! Milk is not supposed to be fed! Cats with ribbons have already eaten are on diets sorry little milk you’re still adorable the cat food is available for 300 yen the mochi mochi dog and paw print coffee are quite popular with the humans the coffee comes in paper cups with lids so the cats don’t drink them I guess cats love a good latte, too that mochi mochi dog.

It’s the only dog allowed in the cafe I asked some other customers what brought them to the cat cafe this nice couple was on a date Big cat lovers we have lot cats at home didn’t get to take them with us so, miss cats Being overseas, it’s nice to be able to see other nice kitties unwind with them cat cafes are really unique it’s a great way to spend a day something new and different I may be coughing up fur-balls tonight but it was worth it It’s really relaxed right now? totally relaxed That’s cat power That’s right.

So here in Tokyo and need to just take a break and get in touch with you feeling self Go to a cat cafe and if you had any doubts.

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